Nordic Barbarian Wildman


The Nameless child did not know home for too long. It is his tribe’s tradition, to take children born under a specific sacred star onto a trial of the Gods. Being one of such children he was taken at a young age. Before they could know identity, before they could understand where they come from. They only learn of a prayer that was their lullaby.

“The Path to home is lined with the strongest of my enemies, victory is our greatest ally. You will be welcomed home when the falls the last to fell. You Live to be born, A weapon of great victory, The last winter to fall, My strongest are chosen. Survive my coldest winter. Come home you who be worthy. Come home my strongest”

He remembers a warm summer. These are his earliest memories of home. His life obscured in fractions. He remembers water. Weeks of water. He and his kin were left at the edge of the island. the first died by being devoured by the serpents of the sea. Some were killed by the beasts on the land. one by one the weakest of the children died, a handful survived the first year. even less saw past their 10th year.

The survivors were not just stronger than the rest, they became stronger. These were the ones who took to heart the message in the prayer they were nurtured with. Learning how to survive the harsh wilds of the island. living like the beasts, understanding them. Their habits and knowledge were forged with every challenge met and defeated. Some children bonded, others murdered each other in fear. But after 20 years. A small number of children remained.

When they were strong enough they each left the island and braved the sea and it’s many perils. The Nameless children having become skilled and strong warriors, Those that made it to the main land numbered in 4. The Nameless child that our story follows, and three others who have gone their separate ways. Wearing garb that was a collection of hides and teeth from every creature he killed to survive. He became feared by locals as wandering monster of immense strength. Living off the land and moving as according to his path. Finding the strongest is his goal and defeating them is his purpose. No challenge too great or small could be over looked.

Eventually this man who was later named “Bear” by a group of people that have accepted and relied on his strength. May help him find his way home. To survive the coldest Winter, and become the strongest and worthy to come home.


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